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God Waits for Us to Come to a Zero Point
The Year of God's Favor (Message to Women)
24th January 2021 - Sunday Church Service Bangalore
Justification, Sanctification and Glorification
The word of God speaks of "salvation" in three tenses - past, present and future
Don't Ever Lose Heart or Feel Condemned
Have A Right Priority in Your Life
"A garden requires constant weeding and caring, if it is to be guarded against weeds and nettles - and so does the human soul."
The Word Of The Lord For This Time - Thoothukudi Conference - 2021
Theme: THE WORD OF THE LORD FOR THIS TIME - இக்காலத்திற்கான தேவ வார்த்தை
Dates: 14th January - 16th January, 2021
Five Choices To Make